A New Normal

In the past 2 months my life has changed drastically.   I went from being a 20 something mom of a young toddler to a 30 year old mom of 2 under 2! Don’t get me wrong I love both of my boys, but right now life is a little hectic for me.  I want to enjoy both of their stages as well as feel like a normal person again, not sure if that is possible.  I do think that as we get into more of a type of normal routine I feel a lot better about where we are in life, and that I can semi keep things in order LOL!!!  No but seriously if I can just keep things picked up, the kitchen clean, laundry semi done, and everyone fed I feel like we are making some progress.  I am writing this as I hold the newest addition to our family who is ever so squirmy and loud, but he makes up for it by being cute and cuddly.  He loves to coo and be the center of attention, just like his older brother…. had to pause baby brother was flipping out so we went outside for a few minutes, worked for a few minutes.  Turns out the little munchkin was hungry again, quite possibly going through a growth spurt.  So back to how life has changed: my sleep for one thing is broken up when I get any at all turns out this baby does not sleep for hours like his brother did at this age.  That is another thing you know going in every baby is different but for some reason it is one of those things that does not become a reality until you have had more than one.  I knew he would be different, but I still in some ways subconsciously expected him to be just like his big brother.

It is more difficult to go anywhere with 2 at this stage,  maybe I am just not used to it but for me it is a production to get out of the house with both boys dressed, all we might need in the diaper bags, (yes that is meant to be plural I have not learned how to fit both of their stuff into one bag) and myself ready as well.  So far I have survived taking them out alone twice and we all came home alive with no major incidence!  I feel great about this if you can not tell.

So a day at a time, life is going on and reaching a new normal, as I learn to adjust to being a mommy to 2 great little boys.  I do not want to miss a moment of each of their lives or take for granted where we are.   I know in a year or two I am going to look back and wonder where the time went and how they got so big!  I am so thankful that I get to be each of their mommy and hope that I can help them to grow into the people they are meant to be.




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