Life as a new mom

At this point in my life I am working on so many things I want to be for myself and my family.  I absolutely love being a stay at home mom to my sweet baby boy Ian who is now eight months old.  When they say it goes by fast it is so very true!!!

Exercising to be a fit, healthy and Happy mother and wife…I am at the beginning of this journey but it feels good to be sticking to a daily routine of walking and being careful what I eat.  I am doing this not only for myself but to raise my son in a healthy lifestyle so he will just see it as a part of life. You wake up, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, and go for a walk.  Along with this is cooking healthy meals for our family, which is challenging at times on a budget.

Working hard to try to keep a clean and organized home; which is an uphill battle but I am determined to get there amidst the loads of cloth diapers, dirty bottles, and floors that should be swept every few hours.

Last but not least working on making time to do the things I enjoy as well like sewing, crocheting, knitting and learning to make new and different things in the craft area as well as in the kitchen.   But I know that when I take care of myself as well as my family it is better for all of us.  So to this end I am finally starting a blog, I have wanted to for quite some time and have worked up the nerve to actually do it so here we go!